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A duo of Darby natives are tearing up the Net with a reality show, a record label and a series of true-life movies -- and now, they're poised to hit radio airwaves, too.

"Mr. Philadelphia," the latest CD from rapper and former Darby resident Darin "Philly" Swain, will hit stores today.

"It's based on being in a gang in Philadelphia, but it's got a positive message," Swain said of "Mr. Philadelphia," noting that the album's first single, "On Point," is already getting radio airplay. (The video is available for viewing on

"Right now, it's gotten a few million views on the Internet. It's all about guys fighting over girls, and it really makes you think hard about the way our youth are acting. There's a lot of excitement about it."


The album is the first release from label Nu Groove and Swagger Family Records, which is owned by Darby's Mykal Coles, a former Delaware County police officer who also owns M&T Legal Services in Woodbridge, Va.

He's also the brother of Alton Coles, better known as "Ace Capone," a Philadelphia drug kingpin now serving a life sentence in prison.

"It would have been easy for me to go down that destructive path, too," Coles said. "But I'm the total opposite of my brother. I always wanted to get my own."

The album's musical progression from gang life to the good life mirrors Swain's real-life experiences since leaving Darby, where he attended Penn Wood High School.

A star basketball player in the Darby Police Athletic League, he earned a half-scholarship to Drexel University, but when he tried to earn the second half of his college funds by dealing drugs, he was sent to jail.

"I didn't know about things like grants," he said. "The people around me were corrupt and they steered me into selling drugs. It turned my life into a catastrophe. I did my time, and now that I've been rehabilitated, I want to make sure that the people I reach know they've got more options than doing what I did."

That message comes through loud and clear on "Mr. Philadelphia," which seems to deliver a few words of warning to youths in Swain's hometown.

"It's terrible out there," Swain said of the street culture in Darby, where 17-year-old Ollie Cloyd was gunned down just one month ago. "I'm trying to give back to the same blocks I walked. These kids taking other kids' lives? They're just throwing their own lives away. If you want to shoot a gun, go to Iraq. Don't bring the war to Darby."

Coles agreed, noting that it wasn't too long ago that he decided to leave his brother's record label, Take Down Records, and embark on a more constructive path.

"Take Down was leading me to destruction," he said. "I didn't want to be a part of that. So, I was online one day and came across Philly Swain. It turned out we needed each other, and from there, Swagger Family Records came into being."

And the company's mission, he said, is to give other youths the same positive message he's been living by.

"We're a community," he said. "We stick together. We stand together. We're sending out a message to the kids to stop what they're doing and get back to the things that are important -- family structure, education."

Coles said he and Swain are planning a school tour to bring their message to the community -- in their free time, that is. In addition to dropping "Mr. Philadelphia" today, they produce and star in "The Swagger Family," a reality show airing online and on Virginia's Channel 10.

Swain has also starred in "The Hustle Diaries Vol. 1 and 2," documentaries that chronicle his prison stint and re-emergence on the rap scene.

The movies are directed by Barry Michael Cooper, writer of movies like "Above the Rim," "New Jack City" and "Sugar Hill." He's currently shooting another movie with NBA star LeBron James.

The duo's Web site,, has logged more than 1.3 million hits, and Swain has been named the first Philadelphia winner of BET's 106th and Park. The two are also negotiating a television development deal with HBO and a sponsorship deal with Vitaminwater.

It's a career they hope youths in Darby -- and beyond -- will notice and emulate.

"Once we put our minds to it and worked hard, we've been successful ever since," Coles said. "They can do it, too. Sure, problems will come up, but it's all in how you handle the problems that makes you a success."

To learn more about Philly Swain and Swagger Family Records, visit "Mr. Philadelphia" will be available at FYE stores and starting today.

New Release Drops for Long Timer Singer and Performer Mykal Coles

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New RELEASE drops for long-timer singer and performer MYKAL COLES
The talented Mykal Coles captures attention of legendary music composer, producer Dunn Pearson, 5/09/2016 - May 11, 2016. New York City.

The fresh sound of Mykal Coles is slated to stir a new level of consciousness in the music industry with his diverse repertoire of soul, gospel, hip-hop and reggae interpretations on his latest CD "Standing UP!" Coles' broad range and creative presentation captured the attention of musical genius Dunn Pearson, Jr, former music director for the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famers the "OJays," and co-music creator of the former Fox network hit television series "New York Undercover."

"Mykal brings a sense of renewal to the music scene as a young artist and without question will earn his mark in history; he is committed and full of passion about his craft, which is the recipe needed to become successful," said Pearson.

Mykal won the 2016 Spirit of the Dove Award in D.C. - a sign of greater things to come for this rising talent.

Pearson signed Mykal to his 'BELIEVE MUSIC WORKS" label this March and taken on the role of a mentor to help him navigate his career. Dunn has been in the business as a composer, producer, artist, as well as have scored numerous films and television shows for some of the largest production houses in the U.S. And there is much more to come.

'STANDING UP" is presently available on and soon to release on iTunes, Amazon and several other music retail outlets.

Recording Artist Mykal Coles Expands Brand as Radio Host

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D.C. Recording Artist, Mykal Coles expands brand as radio host
Rising Young Recording Artist taking Radio Airwaves, 5/31/2016 - Mykal Coles, a young recording artist on the "Believe Music Works" label, latest CD "Standing Up" has landed him his own gospel music radio variety show slated to air mid June in Georgia on WMOC.

Coles' eclectic style is stirring increased consciousness among millennials. He denoted "With the rapid changes in our culture and other societal fluctuations, the next generation must take leadership in making more positive music with a social message to inspire their peers to reshape the landscape in which they live in order for the next generation to thrive and not be buried in negativity. Adult artist have to remember our children are watching us."

Music is now available

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New anthem "Standing Up" by MYKAL COLES creating new paths for positive dialgoue among teens

New anthem "Standing Up" by MYKAL COLES creating new paths for positive dialgoue among teens
Recording artist Mykal Coles on Believe Music Works Label, NY, transforming the national commentary regarding the Black Community through music and media tour..., 8/03/2016 - PHILADELPHIA. Whenever there was civil unrest, an artist always emerged with a message for the people. Mykal Coles with his unique style of rap/hip hop and gospel infusion, intertwined with a deep social message is creating buzz as he ascends as the next social consciousness guru in the music industry. The CD, self-titled "MYKAL" has the message and he is that artist for our times.

"My primary goal is to inspire and be a voice for those without hope; through music we have the power to reshape our moral landscape because it is the universal language that garners attention and strengthens our faith to believe in the impossible," said Coles.

Standing Up and They Watchin are his signature pieces on his newly released CD titled 'MKYAL' on Believe Music Works label out of New York, which has been picked up by numerous radio stations in the U.S. and U.K.

Connect with his media tour starting this Sunday on WNAP @4:30 pm in Philadelphia/Norristown 1110 am or stream @ file

Gospel Singer has 2 Wives!

Gospel Singer Has 2 WIVES?!
Is this biblical? Tales of Rachel and Leah? Is this Allowed?

Just Family on SOSN, 3/24/2017 - Just Family Tv Reality Series, in its beginning stages with no network assignment, is getting a lot of attention from some of the biggest names and networks in the industry! From Oprah's Own to BET, networks are flocking to get in on the action.

Some ask, how is this African American man pulling this off. Two African American women married to the same man? Is this even legal? The trio have been compared to TLC's Hit Show "The Sister Wives" as well as "19 & Counting".

24 children between the trio, Mykal, Jasmine and Alicia are portrayed as a loving family with the children's interest in mind. We have learned that there also can be feuding at times. While Jasmine and Alicia portray themselves as sisters, they are know to be at odds and sharing time with their husband could be the problem.

We have watched the Youtube Sizzle Reel of the show and amazingly has over 100k views!

Watch for yourself here:

Mykal, the husband of the two, is also a gospel singer who received Artist of the Year in 2016 for Spirit of a Dove Foundation, an organization headed by Dr. Paul Siles recognizing Local Business and Brands for outstanding community help and involvement.

Mykal has been known for working with some of the industries top names to include, Tone Trump, Jay Z, Freeway, CeCe Peniston, Kurupt, Dunn Pearson and more.

Jasmine is know as the feisty one according to the sizzle reel. She is the mother of six of Mykal's children. Looking at her social media, we can assume that she has ups add downs in the relationship. We will have to watch the show to find out why. Even Nick Cannon is curious and begin to follow on Twitter!

Alicia is the laid back one. She is the mother of 8 of Mykal's children. No real social media involvement. We will have to watch the show to see what moves her. From the sizzle reel, we learned she also can be a little feisty.

This show is being produced by Philly's Own Golden Girl "Lisa Natson" (Gold Mine Empire) and Mykal whose real name is Michael Coles (Swagger Family) and is sure to be in our homes soon!

Picture above of Mykal with wives, Jasmine & Alicia being interviewed on Shelly William's Single on a Saturday Night, is a Real, Interesting & Hilariously shocking Dating & Relationship Talk Show for Singles and Couples (and we are guessing, but TRIOS now) of all ages. SOSN is Philadelphia based but Nationally aired. For more info click here:

Just Family Sizzle Reel Click here:

Goldmine Entertainment & Swagger Family Records Team Up for NEW REALITY SHOW!

Goldmine Entertainment & Swagger Family Records Team Up for NEW REALITY SHOW!
Recording Artist Mykal Coles and The Black Barbee Golden Girl team up to bring you a Reality Show following Mykal, his two wives and 24 children called JUST FAMILY! Never a dull moment!

Just Family Cast, 3/14/2017 - Kingdom Coles has two Queens! Jasmine and Alicia! Watch this hit show as King Mykal balances life with two wives and 24 children! An emotional roller coaster overcome by love and admiration for the head of the family, Mykal. Babies, Babies and more Babies, while balancing life, love and happiness.

How does he do it. Two wives! 24 kids! What's it like at dinner time. How do the wives handle it. Some kind of jealously has to exist. Guess we have to wait for the show debut for the answers.

Meanwhile you can watch the trailer here:

Copy and Paste link to Watch Trailer

Guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the music industry! Swagger Family Records and Golden Girls GoldMine Empire set a bomb with this reality show!